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Creating a well aligned, forward-looking strategy is never easy. Organisation’s success is a result of clear strategic focus, ability to effectively execute their strategy, exceptional leadership, integrated processes, engaged employees and the ability to respond swiftly to the changing forces. Our approach to human resources strategy is a fine combination of metrics based performance assessment and employee energy for greatest impact on business performance.

Our consulting solutions enable you to develop and implement an entire range of fully integrated effective strategies and solutions that produce optimized results and strengthen sustainable strategic success.

Illustrative list of our consulting approach shall provide you an overview of robustness and effectiveness of our solutions.

Strategies and Plans Work force & Management Leadership Talent & Competency Management Employee Engagement
  • Align people strategies with business strategies
  • Integrate HR vision, mission & approach with organisation’s business strategy
  • Building a sustained competitive talent advantage for strategic success.
  • Workforce analytics and requirement forecasting
  • Changing business needs and impact on workforce demography
  • Change management

  • Effective leadership practices and pipeline for succession
  • Develop inspirational leadership talent & practices through assessment, training, exposure and building a culture that produce global leaders for tomorrow
  • Talent requirements, critical and impacting roles, talent mapping, succession plan; competencies gap and requirements for future
  • Build developmental interventions, managing high potential, mentoring & coaching

  • Employee engagement assessment and analytics
  • Focused action that influences the employee engagement for maximum impact

Policy and Processes Performance Management Compensation & Rewards HR tools & Metrics Sustainability and CSR
  • Assess and design HR delivery model, policies & practices that support optimal performance and enhance engagement
  • Design and implement HR practices that are simple to understand & execute and highly effective
  • Automate HR service delivery
  • Create performance driven culture supported with right processes, tools & technology and effective implementation
  • Builds objective goals, accountabilities, assessment & reward mechanism, effective communication that generate alignment
  • Total Reward strategy aligned with business strategies, employee engagement and productivity outcomes
  • Benchmarking, design and implementation of policies, plan & structure.
  • Rigorous analytics of HR services outcome and their impact on Business.
  • Define HR metrics and dashboard for efficiency and effectiveness
  • HR automation including outsourcing for swift and effective HR service delivery
  • Map practices that support green agenda, social responsibility and sustainability
  • Promote thinking and integrate practices that promote being socially responsible and consciously contributing towards society and the environment

Consulting solutions follow our Aspire, Agree, Align, Act and Assess methodology. Our experts work closely with you to understand your current state, the aspired state you wish to achieve. With clear understanding of the desired state and the current state, commitment and availability of resources including time, our experts help you identify gaps, create milestones, design and align processes & practices to achieve the best results. We enable you implement the agreed plan and support you in the entire change management process. Our data driven approach enables you generate important metrics that regularly track the progress and effectiveness of these changes.

Our sample model of HR approach that aims at positively impact business results:

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